Can I keep my business open during bankruptcy?

When a business is struggling to make ends meet, the business owner will likely be concerned about what the future holds. If a business is faced with mounting debts, the business owner should take bankruptcy into consideration to determine whether it is possible to stay open while reorganizing finances. A chapter 11 business bankruptcy is a wonderful tool that can allow a business to remain open and keep employees on the staff while constructing a reorganization plan that will allow the business owner to repay debts over a 5 year period.

How do I know if chapter 11 bankruptcy is best for my business?

It is important to be aware that as great as a chapter 11 business bankruptcy is for some businesses, it may not be an option for others. Chapter 11 is a very effective form of bankruptcy for businesses that have assets worth more than the outstanding debts. If the business still has the potential to make a profit, this may be a good option.

With that said, some businesses may be better off with a chapter 7 business bankruptcy. This option typically results in the closure of the business but it does allow the business owner to walk away free from their debts thanks to liquidation.

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