Courts Close For all Non-Essential Functions in NYS

Because of the coronavirus infiltration, a memo was recently released to court personnel on March 15. In the memo, Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks stated, “Effective 5 p.m. on Monday, March 16, we will be postponing all non-essential functions of the courts until further notice.” Please read on and reach out to our experienced Rockland County bankruptcy attorney to learn more about what they may mean for you:

What cases do New York courts treat as essential?

Judges will determine which cases are essential by exercising “judicial discretion in a manner designed to minimize court appearance and traffic in the courts.” This means that pending criminal and civil trials will continue as scheduled, however, no others will begin. Furthermore, eviction proceedings, as well as pending eviction orders in the city’s housing court will also be suspended indefinitely.

Outside of the city, special court parts will be established to consolidate all essential matters. In the city, however, courthouses will continue to stay open and deal with the following essential criminal matters:

  • Criminal Lower Court Matters: These include arraignments, as well as essential applications, such as those for orders of protection. Arraignments will be conducted through remote video appearances in New York City and to the fullest extent possible throughout the state.
  • Criminal Superior Court Matters: These are essential applications, such as felony matters where the defendant is not in custody. These will be administratively adjourned until further instruction. However, you should note that accused felons who are in custody will either be conducted remotely by video or administratively adjourned in New York City and in jurisdictions outside of the city that possesses the technology needed to do so.

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