What is an automatic stay?

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When a person is facing a difficult financial situation, they may feel stress from creditors and banks who call and continuously ask for payment. Our firm is here to help relieve that stress and inform you of your legal rights. Bankruptcy allows you a fresh start and will automatically stop creditors from calling you, suing you, or garnishing your wages.

Once you consult with an experienced New York bankruptcy attorney, you can determine what type of bankruptcy is best for you and then file. The moment we file your Bankruptcy case, you are immediately eligible for the automatic stay, which is a huge weight off many people’s shoulders. An automatic stay is great because not only are you working towards clearing your financial state, no creditors or lenders are permitted to contact you. Once the Bankruptcy case is filed, the institutions you owe money to have to leave you alone. All activities related to collecting on your debts must immediately cease, including phone calls, repossessing property, and even the foreclosure of your home. For example, if your foreclosure sale is scheduled for 10:00 in the morning, and your attorney files a bankruptcy case at 9:59 A.M., the foreclosure sale will be stopped in its tracks and is not permitted to go through.

An automatic stay is in effect from the second your bankruptcy case is filed and it remains in effect throughout the entire process. You’ll have plenty of time to really assess your finances and work with your bankruptcy attorney to get back on track.

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