What is an automatic stay?

People often find that there is a bad stigma surrounding Bankruptcy. They may be embarrassed of the concept itself. However, they should not be afraid of filing for Bankruptcy. Filing for Bankruptcy can be very beneficial. Not only can it prevent you from losing your home through foreclosure, it can aid in reconstructing your finances. Through the process of filing for Bankruptcy, individuals and businesses have been able to strip away their debt and rebuild financial stability. In order to consider your options, contact our attorneys for help. They can provide you with the best legal counsel to answer any questions and lead you to the right solution.

The ”Automatic Stay” is something that goes into effect when people file for Bankruptcy. It has an immediate effect by stopping creditors in their tracks from lawsuits, collections activities and even contacting you at all.

Since the Automatic Stay prevents creditors from contacting you, it helps give you the space you need. You will be able to create a financial plan that can prepare you for the future. An attorney can guide you along the Bankruptcy path. They will help you with all the paperwork and proper planning for a stable financial future. You will not need to worry about harassment from creditors while trying to reorganize your financial security.

When dealing with money and debt, times can become stressful. You may worry about your future for you and your family. We want to help. Contact us to find out your best way to reach your financial goals. Bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of. It will greatly help your situation and make for a brighter financial future if planned properly. 

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