Business Bankruptcy

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The Law Offices of Allen A. Kolber, Esq. has been a legal resource for small to mid-size businesses in Rockland County and the Hudson Valley for over 25 years. Our firm works with business owners to maintain income and revenue, while restructuring or stripping down debt and bank lines of credit.  Our firm has significant experience helping business clients through Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 business bankruptcy matters. If your business needs quality legal services from an experienced Bankruptcy and Business Law firm, contact The Law Offices of Allen A. Kolber, Esq.

Chapter 7 business bankruptcy

If the debt of a company is greater than the assets it holds, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the owner’s best option. Chapter 7 is the liquidation of a business to pay debts.

Chapter 11 business bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy allows a business to continue operating and receiving income, keeping it doors open and its employees on staff.  Debt payments are restructured over a 5-year Plan, all while under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court.

Business debt restructuring

As a business owner, you hope that your hard work can develop into a successful business that makes a profit. Owning a business is a complicated matter. Not everything goes as planned. If your business debts are mounting and creditors are calling, you may be quick to want to file for bankruptcy. Restructuring your debts outside of bankruptcy court may be your best options.

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