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The New York Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act

The New York Governor finally signed into law the New York Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) which may allow thousands of NY homeowners to dismiss their existing foreclosure lawsuits and possibly eliminate the mortgages on their homes. FAPA overturns the NY Court of Appeals’ decision in Engel, which allowed mortgage lenders to suspend the 6-year statute […]

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Many Mortgage Servicers Are Not Following The FHA Loan Modification Guidelines

State officials have complained to the Federal Housing Administration that mortgage servicers are not offering FHA loan modification programs to homeowners who are behind in their mortgage payments due to the COVID pandemic. The FHA introduced these loan modification programs and required mortgage servicers to offer these programs starting October 21, 2021. State officials have […]

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Choosing Your Business Structure

When starting a business, the first question you ask is “What type of business structure do I want to create, a corporation, an LLC, or a partnership?” From a legal point of view, I am only concerned with a company’s liability protection. Most times I refer this question to the business owner’s accountant. The business […]

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