Business Consulting

Rockland County Business Consulting Attorney

Business Coaching and Consulting with small to mid-size businesses throughout Rockland County and New York State

For over 25 years, The Law Offices of Allen A. Kolber, Esq. has been the legal resource for small to mid-size businesses throughout Rockland County and New York State. Our firm helps promote business clients from the ground up. Starting or reorganizing your business with the proper corporate structure, financial and accounting systems in place, and proper insurance and licensing can ensure not only a financially healthy business but will avoid the problems that can prevent you from achieving the goals of your business in the first place; servicing customers and providing you and your family with a comfortable income.

Avoiding common financial and management problems before they arise

Many corporate and small business owners seek legal advice only during a financial crisis, i.e., they have lost their bank lines of credit, large tax assessments have become due, insurance liabilities have occurred or they have been sued and are involved in costly litigation. Our firm provides ongoing consultation to avoid these issues before they can impact your business’s future.

If your business is facing financial difficulties or even litigation, our firm will be able to protect your rights, represent you in effective workouts and defend your business in court litigation.

Our full-service law firm also provides Business Consulting with day-to-day operations and management or your business:

  • Consulting new businesses in the creation of marketing systems, cash flow systems, accounting systems, tax payment systems and insurance systems to avoid tax liability and insurance liability in the future
  • Systemize your business to free up your time for marketing and customer relations
  • Consulting new businesses in the proper corporate formation and structure what best fits their business needs
  • Maintaining proper financial reporting and statements to obtain and maintain credit lines and cash flow
  • Business coaching for marketing, sales, customer service, financial management, systems designs, and human resources management and leadership
  • Developing website and marketing
  • Protecting trademarks and copyrights
  • Time management
  • Small business loans
  • Managing client expectations
  • Adding value to customer satisfaction
  • Overcoming frustrating anxiety provoking problems
  • Creating solutions to business challenges and difficulties
  • Analyzing and breaking through internal roadblocks or emotional roadblocks
  • Providing professional services to help entrepreneurs plan, create and grow their small businesses
  • Evaluating your business’s costs and present solutions to significantly reduce your monthly expenses

Contact an experienced Rockland County business consulting attorney

The Law Offices of Allen A. Kolber, Esq. has been a legal resource throughout Rockland County and New York State for over 25 years. We provide Business Consulting and Coaching to small to midsize companies with effective guidance and legal services that protect the bottom line. We understand the different issues that face businesses of all sizes. If you need a consultant with significant legal and business experience, contact The Law Offices of Allen A. Kolber, Esq. for a consultation.