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The American middle class is entitled to Bankruptcy Protection, just as General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are. The greatest entrepreneurs in history have used Bankruptcy to restructure debt, free up capital, and improve their businesses.

The American middle class was hit the hardest by the recent financial crunch. A middle-class family that is hit by a loss of a job, divorce or illness tips straight into debt.

Both Federal & State laws allow credit card companies and mortgage lenders to use a collection agency to collect its money or sue you in court.  If the creditor obtains a judgment against you, the law allows the creditor to freeze your bank account, garnish your wages, repossess your car or sell your home in foreclosure.

The Federal government also enacted the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, which allows all eligible debtors (GM, Trump or you) to eliminate or restructure their debt, stop lawsuits, wage garnishments, bank restraints, foreclosures or repossessions.

The same U.S. Bankruptcy Code enacted the benefit of the Automatic Stay. Providing some breathing room, the Automatic Stay is a useful tool to separate the debtor from her creditors so she can regain her financial stability.

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How the Automatic Stay helps debtors

The Automatic Stay is a powerful aspect of the Bankruptcy process while you find debt relief. Below are some of the benefits of the Automatic Stay.

  • Begins immediately at filing: When someone files for Bankruptcy, the Automatic Stay goes into effect immediately.
  • Stops collectors from pursuing debts: The Automatic Stay’s primary purpose is to stop debt collection. This stops lenders and collection agencies from engaging in any type of collections activities.
  • Stops all collection activities: The Automatic Stay stops all types of collection activities, including phone calls, repossessions, and foreclosure actions.
  • Stops Harassment: Some collection agencies are known to take less than reputable actions against debtors, including harassing phone calls and threats. The Automatic Stay stops that immediately.
  • Room to breathe: The Automatic Stay is in place through the entire process of Bankruptcy, allowing you to regroup and develop a strategy to recover your financial stability.

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