What to Know About Obtaining and Filing Bankruptcy Forms

If you are filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is important that you fill out the appropriate bankruptcy forms. You will submit a packet of forms that is known as the bankruptcy petition. The bankruptcy petition will consist of a voluntary petition, forms referred to as “schedules”, and additional forms that are required by your local bankruptcy court. To learn how you can successfully file the correct bankruptcy forms, continue reading and retain the services of our experienced Suffern New York bankruptcy attorney. Reach out to our firm today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you.

Where can I find copies of the bankruptcy forms?

You will find the correct copies of the official bankruptcy forms that are required to file for bankruptcy a the link below:


You will be able to print out blank copies of these forms to get started with the bankruptcy process. You can also have your bankruptcy attorney obtain the correct bankruptcy forms on your behalf.

Are there additional bankruptcy forms I will need?

Your local bankruptcy court may require to you file additional forms or have specific requirements or files regarding your petition. To learn these new requirements and to find these additional forms, seek out the bankruptcy county clerk or a local bankruptcy attorney who can assist you. You can also find local forms and requirements on the bankruptcy court’s website that are filing with. Many courts will provide guidelines on the navigation bar under “Forms.” To find your local bankrupt court’s website, follow the below link:


How can an attorney assist me with this process?

Your attorney will prepare the correct forms for you to review and sign. You will go over these forms with their legal guidance. They will then file the forms electronically with the court. Having an attorney in your corner through this process will make the process seamless.

Which bankruptcy court should I file in?

The federal bankruptcy courts across the country are divided into judicial districts. Each state has at least one judicial district. You will file your forms in the district where you have been living for the greater part of the 180 days period before you file or the district where you maintain your home.

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